Creative business through innovative communication.

Boman is an independent agency, specializing in creative business through innovative communication. In our one-stop shop, five nationalities mix strategy, creativity and production into compelling storytelling. We see projects through from beginning to end, from Stockholm to Tokyo.

Strategy & Concept

Finding what motivates the client’s costumer is key for communication to do its job. We use our strategic experience; analyzing all marketing aspects to create a campaign strategy and a long-term marketing plan. This is the basis for the communication concept where we bring the strategy to life.


Since everything can be advertising, we let the strategy and the concept decide how and where the creative idea is most likely to reach its target group. We work within all disciplines, separately or combined, under one rule — that content is always king.

Social Media

Every post, reply, like, and comment should serve a purpose. We make this plan in collaboration with the client and what they want to achieve on social media. Our in-house production team creates and produces content the target group will engage with.


Everyone loves a good story. That’s why stories are great communication tools; they bring brand values to life. As experienced storytellers, we create these tales and through our in-house production we turn them into films. Like race cars rushing through Riga, skiers pursuing the joy of their life or the world’s longest truck route.


Everyday we’re exposed to a ton of images. What is it that makes some of them stand out? That keeps you from an immediate swipe? We believe a great photography has the ability to evoke emotions. This way of looking and working with photography has made the whole world our workplace. We shoot everything from pack shots to ∞.

Digital & Graphic Design

Prototyping, visual design and testing all feed into graphic solutions that balance form and function. We are used to work within many disciplines, designing for both desktop and mobile devices, printed matter and package design.

Team Management

We are experts in completing jobs on time and on budget. And we’re team players. If you just need help getting things done, we can be part of your team. Managing your project to ensure that you deliver with the quality that is expected from your brand.

Brand Activation

It’s all about creating a hands-on emotional connection by activating your brand to activate your consumers. If you succeed they will be more open to hear what you have to say. Our brand activation experience has helped our clients to reach and engage thousands of customers.